The CV is DEAD!!


So the CV’s dead.

That’s it. It’s gone. It’s over. Move on. Is it finally time to ditch the CV? Since 2009 you’ll start finding online articles about the death of the CV.

The advice ranges from replacing it with charts and infographics, through to personalised websites, and we’ve even seen online gamified CV’s with different levels that you can work your way through. And yet, 10 years on, the majority of applications are all made with a traditional CV.

They’ll be certain industries that are more reliant upon portfolios, if you’re going for a design based position. But the bulk of the recruitment industry is still heavily focused on paper CV with a summary of their background and experience. So why is this even a problem?

Some of the biggest companies in the world, like Apple and Google, and other big ones, were built using traditional CV’s, so why does it matter?

Well, I think times have changed and it’s not 2009. It’s not 1999. What we’re most interested in nowadays is hiring for attitude and personality, and those are two things that you just simply can’t get across on a CV.

I think platforms like LinkedIn, I think video platforms and video interviewing will become the next norm. In a few years time I can see platforms like LinkedIn, and maybe not LinkedIn directly, maybe a platform that doesn’t yet exist, but something that can completely replace the traditional CV.

I think as everything becomes online and profile based, I think people will just need a document that’s more dynamic, that shows how they interact with the world rather than a static piece of paper that talks about some experience and some achievements they may have had at some point in their career. So what do you think? Will the CV finally die? Can we ever replace it with some form of online profile? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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