Why you shouldn’t hire a ‘Hammer Carpenter’


What’s in a job title??

When it comes to job titles, why does the world of technology seem to differ from many other industries?

In the world of software development, you’ll often see;

  • ‘PHP Developer’,
  • ‘Java Developer’
  • ‘C++ Developer’

Outside of the world of IT, including the ‘tool’ within the job title seems ludicrous;

  • ‘Hammer Carpenter’
  • ‘Microscope Scientist’
  • ‘Calculator Accountant’

So why do we classify software developers by the tools they use when the most successful developers are technology agnostic or can learn new technologies extremely quickly?

What happens when tools change, but the people you’ve hired don’t have the ability or inclination to change with them?

What happens when your tools are in high demand and you’re forced to compromise on budget or hire a contractor rather than a permanent employee?

How many more excellent candidates could you consider if you didn’t focus on the hammer and focused more on the carpenter?

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