Is this the TOUGHEST interview question of 2024?


In the world of job hunting, there’s one question that’s infamous for being a deal-breaker, yet it catches people off guard every time: “What appeals to you about this opportunity?” It’s a question that doesn’t discriminate based on experience or expertise. Why, then, do so many candidates fumble when it’s their turn to answer?

It’s not just about the job specifics that anyone can glean from a job posting or a corporate website. It’s not about the company’s convenient location or their modern tech stack, and it’s certainly not just about the allure of remote working options. It’s much more personal and probing—it’s about the company’s heart and soul and how you see yourself fitting into that picture.

The Real Challenge

Let me share a slice of my experience. Working with candidates and businesses alike, I’ve noticed a common thread: a lack of understanding of a company’s deeper purpose often leads to misalignment between a candidate’s intentions and the company’s expectations.

The disconnect? Candidates rarely get a clear picture of what a company stands for, beyond the usual spiel. And here lies the problem: how can one passionately articulate their interest in an opportunity if they’re not privy to the full story?

The Ripple Recruitment Approach

This is where Ripple Recruitment has been trying to turn the tide over the past few years. We started holding video Q&A sessions with our clients, where we dive into a frank dialogue about what makes their company tick—their aspirations, their ethos, and the impact they aim to make.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, scripted corporate overviews. They’re raw, honest talks that we record and pass along to our candidates. This window into the company’s world allows candidates to see beyond the job description and find a connection with the company’s mission.

The Impact

Since we began this practice, the question of what candidates find appealing about a company has transformed from a stumbling block into a stepping stone. With this insider knowledge, they’re able to demonstrate an understanding and an enthusiasm that resonates on a more authentic level with potential employers.

The Takeaway for Job Seekers

So, if you’re preparing for interviews, don’t hesitate to dig deeper. Challenge the recruiter, question the surface-level facts, and seek to understand the company’s underlying motives and goals. When you find a company whose ‘why’ aligns with your own, that’s where the magic happens—you find more than a job; you find a calling.

In the end, it’s not just about landing a job; it’s about connecting with a vision that speaks to you. And that’s what Ripple Recruitment’s video Q&A initiative is all about—helping you find that sweet spot where your passion meets your career.

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