9 Warning Signs You Need A New Job


Have you had a bad day? Maybe a bad week? If you’ve had a bad month, quarter or even year then perhaps it’s time start thinking about changing jobs!

Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s time to change jobs but at other times, you may not realise the negative impact that staying in a job that makes you unhappy can have on all areas of your life.

Ripple Recruit has put together a list of the top 9 warning signs that it’s time to start thinking about changing jobs.

  • You’re already thinking about finding a new job. Putting aside a particularly bad day or week, this is an obvious one. If you already been considering leaving your job and have started paying attention to job adverts or running a few searches online, then it’s a definite sign that it might be time to move on.
  • Your conversations with your loved ones are dominated by negative comments and complaints about your day . We all have a grumble about work occasionally but if you’re chewing your partners ear off every night, complaining about how bad your day has been or how frustrated you’ve become then it might be time to do something about it and start considering new opportunities.
  • You find yourself dreaming about retirement. We all think about how nice it would be free to take early retirement but if you’re already counting down the days and you’re under 50 then it’s a sure sign that you’re not enjoying your job. Don’t spend your life counting down to retirement, find a job that you enjoy, and you may well want to work well into your retirement!
  • Your sleeping patterns are all over the place . Difficulty sleeping is often an indicator of stress and may point to being in the wrong job. There are of course other factors that can contribute but if you’re waking up tired with very little energy then it’s unlikely that you’ll enjoy the day ahead and can make a bad job feel even worse.
  • Your eating habits have changed . Maybe you’re eating more, or you’ve lost your appetite all together, either way, a change in eating habits is a sign of stress and could be an indicator that it’s time to change your environment and look for a new job.
  • You hate Mondays, and have trouble motivating yourself . If you’re in the right job, then Monday’s should feel like a fresh challenge and something that you look forward to. You shouldn’t be waking up and dreading the day ahead or thinking about calling in sick.
  • You’re not productive at work, lack interest, and are bored more often . Everyone gets distracted at times but if you find yourself aimlessly clicking through internet tabs and checking social media every 10 minutes then you’re not being challenged enough. Look for an opportunity that will push your ability and keep you stimulated throughout the day.
  • You’ve Been Doing the Same Thing Since Day One. No-one expects you to take over the world but if you compare what you’re doing today with what you were doing 2 years ago, you should see progression. If your job has become stale and you’re not gaining new experiences and new skills, then it’s time to consider a change.
  • You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Were Excited to Go to Work . If the most exciting part of your day is checking the canteen menu and hoping that it’s Fajita Friday, then something is wrong! Every day won’t be a whirlwind of excitement but there should be some highs and if you’re not getting excited about work at least once a week then consider looking for a new opportunity.

If any of these warning signs have resonated with you, then get in touch with one of the specialists at Ripple Recruit to discuss different options and get free advice on everything from nailing your CV through to job searching and interview tips.

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