44% Would Take 10% Pay Cut To Work From Home Forever


But why should they have to?

According to a recent Forbes article written by John Koetsier, it’s seems that 44% of people surveyed, would take 10% less salary to work from home forever. 
John makes some greats points in his article, including pointing out the fact that 56% of people wouldn’t take a pay cut!

“But 56% say they would not: they’d either continue going into the office, or they’d look for alternative employment. That’s incredibly interesting, and may say something about the percentage of introverts and extroverts in the world as well as where people prefer to work.” 

My question would be, why is this even a question? 

Why are we framing the ability to work from home as a negotiation factor when it comes to salary?

If anything, shouldn’t you get paid more to work from home, after all, you’re saving the employer a huge amount of money on office leasing and fruit baskets?
One thing is certain, the landscape has changed, forever. 

If you’re not already thinking about how you can implement long term flexible working then you may find it extremely difficult to hire over the next 24-36 months. 

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